Career Paths for Security Guards

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Security Training Center in Chicago, Illinois, is known for training security guards in a variety of matters, from the basics of being an unarmed security guard to extras like handcuffing, baton usage and pepper spray usage. There are classes on using a TASER, how to perform CPR and more; we have many classes available.

Career Paths for Security Guards

What are some career paths for security guards? Many guards start out as unarmed guards and perhaps upgrade their skills to become armed guards, able to carry weapons. Guards might also consider working at places like airports (as TSA officers, inspecting baggage and people) or remote security monitoring businesses, where they watch screens during their workday to notice anything out of the ordinary caught on camera. There are also options in the cyber security field, dealing with computer issues whereas someone or some entity might be trying to steal information that’s supposed to be protected– and private. 

There are, of course, a variety of jobs available in security. For instance, you might work at a performance venue and be a concert security guard, making sure no people bum rush the stage while a musical act is performing… or you might work at the entrance/exit of a retail store to make sure no one is shoplifting. Or, if you’re lucky, you could get a job with a high-paying government or corporate-related business or organization, such as NASA or Google. When you think about it, there are security guards everywhere these days, from art galleries to schools, and churches to malls. There are a lot of possibilities when you get licensed and are ready to work in the state of Illinois as a security guard. 

One of the main things that ends up happening is this: a person is trained to be an unarmed guard and then becomes an armed guard and later on decides to move into law enforcement. So, they go from guard to, for example, cop. Besides becoming a police officer, there are other law enforcement/government agencies you could work for, including border patrol, corrections, FBI, CIA, DHS or ICE. 

There are several career paths available to today’s security guards. If you want to learn more, consider training courses at Security Training Center of Chicago. Call 773-445-4413 for more info. 

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