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What is a Gambling Surveillance Officer?

Dealer at casino shuffling cards. security guard is nearby

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you know that gamblers are being watched to make sure they’re not trying to cheat the system or stealing money they did not… Read more »

How to Crush Your Security Guard Interview

Confident man attending job interview to be a security guard

The Security Training Center of Chicago has helped many security guards learn all about different aspects of security so that they can be the best guards they can be. When… Read more »

How Do I Become a Security Guard in Chicago?

Man practicing firearms target shooting at a range

Are you looking for a new career path where you can help people and businesses feel safe? Have you considered becoming a security guard in Chicago? If so, you’re probably… Read more »

Common Misconceptions Regarding Security Guards

Security guard on duty

What are some common falsehoods about professional security guards? First, there’s the idea that all security guards are armed with guns or other weapons. That’s false. Some have the training… Read more »