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Why Employers Want Highly Trained Security Guards

man pointing handgun at target

Why would an employer want to hire highly trained security guards? Guards are usually very public– they’re seen by everybody. Their purpose is to make people feel safe and comfortable. Obviously, an employer wants professional, highly trained security guards representing their business or organization– putting their “best foot forward.” What kind of guards are highly… Read more »

What Does an Active Shooter Training Course Entail?

Active Shooter Training Course

What does an active shooter training course for security guards entail? Typically, case studies will shed some light on how guards in the past have handled active shooter situations— so other guards can learn from them— what they did right, and what they did wrong in their specific situations. After all, you can learn a… Read more »

Here’s Why Security Guards Should Take Training Classes

Training for Security Guards

Security Training Center of Chicago, Illinois, offers various classes for those who want to become armed guards and/or become re-certified. These classes will further your security training and you’ll be learning from an experienced team that has been offering weapons training and professional security courses since 1985. Why should security guards continue to further their… Read more »

The Importance of Security Personnel Being Properly Trained

Training Security Personnel

What can happen when security personnel aren’t properly trained? Bad things, of course. Security personnel who aren’t properly trained could end up hurting customers, patients, citizens or themselves, despite having the best intentions. In this day and age, it’s essential that security personnel are properly trained. We live in a world where they need to… Read more »