Security Training Classes

We can Assist in your Continuing Education to help you become more Marketable for Employers

  • 20 hour – Unarmed Certification
  • 40 hour – Armed Certification
  • 8 hour – State Required Refresher Course
  • 6 hour – Combined Hand Cuffing, Baton, OC/Pepper Spray Class
  • 4 hour – Shotgun and Rifle Qualifications
  • 4 hour – Use of Force & Arrest Procedures
  • 2 hour – Weapon Maintenance Course
  • 3 hour – One on One Personalized Training for Concealed Carry: In addition to regular training course. Instructor will go over safely, loading/unloading, securing weapon, and carrying weapon.
  • 3 hour – Illinois State Police 3-hour Renewal Concealed Carry Firearm Training Course
  • 4 hour – First Aid, CPR and AED 2 year Certification Class

Useful Class Information

Semi-automatic class in conjunction with the revolver class and also available in an “Upgrade Class”

Semi-Automatic class taken during 20 hour armed class will give you both revolver and semi-automatic certification. The fee is $70.00.

Upgrade Class (adding semi-automatic to existing revolver certification) takes place every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. The cost is $70.00.

Shotgun and Rifle certification classes are available. Please call 773-445-4413 for information.

Other Advanced Classes

Available throughout the year and by group special request. These Include:

  • Arrest and Restraint procedures (Handcuffing)
  • Conventional Baton
  • ASP (Armament Systems & Procedures) expandable baton (covers any expandable baton)
  • OC/Pepper Spray