Chicago, IL Security Job Assistance

Chicago, IL Security Job Assistance & Training

Beginning a career in professional security can be just a little bit easier when you choose to work with Security Training Center™. In addition to offering armed security training classes and re-certification courses, Security Training Center™ has also been helping security professionals find places of employment since 1985. In fact, over the course of the past three decades, our team has helped thousands of certified officers pursue rewarding careers in the security field.

Upon successfully completing the certification courses required to be a professional security guard in Chicago, Illinois, our students receive a comprehensive list of security companies that are hiring throughout the area. These are companies that have contacted the Security Training Center™ directly and requested to be added to this list. So not only do they get peace of mind in knowing they are hiring a well-trained and highly qualified security guard, but it spares you the hassle of scouring job listings on your own. Finding work can be as simple as contacting a few of the companies in our network.

Security Training Center™ is committed to finding employment opportunities for all our students. If you ever have any questions or concerns about finding employment, feel free to give our job assistance department a call at (773) 445-4413 today to speak with our team about security job assistance in Chicago, IL.