Ultimate Officer Package


Includes All of the Following Courses

  1. 40 Hour State Certification which includes a CCL Class with either revolver, semi-auto, or both.
  2. Handcuff / Baton / OC – (5 student minimum  – Requires attending a Saturday morning class 9 am-1 pm, register separately)
  3. Personalized Weapon /maintenance Training.
    • How to Secure /Draw your weapon from a holster.
    • How to Safely clear a misfire / Jam
    • Understanding your firearm assemble, and how to properly clean your weapon safely.

That is a $41 savings!

How to Register & Save?

  1. Add the Ultimate Office Package to your cart.
  2. Register for the 40 Hour State Certification class.
  3. Register for a Handcuff/Baton/OC/Pepper Spray class.
  4. Checkout!

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