Security Re-Certification Courses

Armed Security Re-Certification Courses in IL

If there has been a lapse in your employment as a professional security guard, or if it has simply been a while since you’ve taken a class to further your security training, you may be required to take an armed security re-certification courses in Illinois. The experienced team at Security Training Center™ has been offering weapons training and other professional security courses since 1985.

Armed security re-certification courses from Security Training Center™ are available by appointment only. These classes are designed to improve students’ weapon-handling skills and offer a refresher on basic safety protocols. To pass the re-certification course, participants must score at least 70 out of 100.

As an armed security professional, you have a big responsibility; your weapon proficiency could ultimately save your life or someone else’s one day. Because of this and many other factors, it’s important to learn how to properly maintain your weapon, as there is nothing scarier than having your weapon malfunction due to improper maintenance. The armed security re-certification classes from Security Training Center™ are designed to address these issues and to ensure that you are still fit to handle your weapon on the job.

Security Training Center™ provides weekly re-qualification courses. To make an appointment, give us a call at (773) 445-4413 today

Fridays ONLY: 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm (must pre-register no later than Thursday afternoon by 3:00pm).

Be proficient with your weapon, it could save your life or someone else one day.  Weekly re-qualification available.

(Firearm Control Card renewal – TAN card. Must have basic 40 hour cert.)
Cost $85 per weapon.


Class Dates & Times:

Fridays ONLY: 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm (must pre-register no later than Thursday afternoon by 3:00pm). Note: Personal firearms are not to be brought to the range for re-qualifications. Officers reporting for re-qualifications may bring their own eye and/or ear protection, if they prefer to.

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