Shotgun & Rifle Classes in Chicago, IL

There are many companies and organizations in the Chicago area who employ armed security personnel. Whether you’re watching over a facility or protecting VIPs who want the best protection, security professionals are always in demand.

As such, if you’re interested in obtaining a security or law enforcement job, you need up-to-date rifle and shotgun training and the appropriate licenses to carry. Security Training Center is the only entity in the Chicago, Illinois area where you’ll get the following:

  • Classes taught by weapon experts
  • Both rifle and shotgun training that emphasizes safety and responsibility
  • Hands-on drills and exercises that install the right firearm mentality   
  • Learn how to handle, dismantle, clean and reassemble your firearm
  • Learn how to property control and triggers and adjust sight alignments

Reasons to Choose Security Training Center  

Notably, we only employ individuals with extensive weapons-based backgrounds who go about their jobs responsibly and professionally. After all, you don’t want to learn from instructors with little experience who barely know how to handle and use these weapons themselves.

Weapons training must be taken seriously, and we have the instructors on staff who will prepare you to take the test and pass it. Once you have your license, you will be credentialed for nearly any type of post. You’ll also be able to escort high-profile clients who need security details.

During your crash course, you receive range time, ammunition, and targets. Our instructors will make sure you have the training and licensing you need to separate yourself in the job market.

We offer our classes at a competitive price that can’t be beat. You will not find a similar company that provides the highest quality rifle and shotgun experience that results in a well-trained and fully prepared security professional.

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