Virtual Reality Shooting Range – Temporary CLOSED

Shoot….Don’t Shoot

….this is a decision that a person has to make in a split decision.  Our virtual reality training system will not only show you how quick you must make that decision, but it will also train your mind in making the correct decision.

Our simulator allows you to go through hundreds of different scenarios that require you to think and react to situations where you must fire or where you should not fire.  This virtual reality training is a building block for your mind to develop these instinctive and reactive decisions in the most critical events.

At Security Training Center, we offer you the opportunity to learn and understand critical incidents.  We offer you the chance at actually experiencing fight or flight scenarios in a controlled setting so that you can learn and understand what it means to be faced with a life or death situation.

An additional benefit that can be gained through this training is the understanding how a person is placing their shots.  This training system allows individuals to practice or dry fire upon targets which will show the shot placement.  This is a great training tool for law enforcement officers, security officers, and those that simply want to improve their shooting skills.

This training is also beneficial for security companies looking to train their armed security guards in shoot don’t shoot situations, annual prescribed training, and accuracy skills.

Call us today to set up your appointment for you or your group to utilize this hands-on virtual reality experience.  We offer discounted rates for groups of ten or more, and we offer classes to fit your schedule.

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