Security Training Center, Inc. is THE place to go for your security training. Years of experience makes the difference. Don’t be fooled by other firms. They don’t have the credentials that Security Training Center, Inc. has. They don’t have the experience and expertise that you’ll find here. Security Training Center, Inc.Security Training Center, Inc. is located at: 10922 S. Western Avenue; Chicago, IIllinois 60643 Phone: 773-445-4413 • Fax.: 773-445-7550

photoSecurity Training Center, Inc. is approved by the State of Illinois, Department of Professional Regulation for the State of Illinois Unarmed and Armed Security Certifications. Our facility has been training people since 1985 and is considered one of the top training facilities in the State of Illinois.

We pride ourselves on preparing our students to meet the needs of their employers and to reach their full potential.

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For our students convenience we offer
• PERC assistance • FOID processing

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