Armed Security Training

Armed Security Training Courses in Chicago, IL

Serving as a professional security guard can be quite the demanding job. Prepare yourself by choosing Security Training Center™ for armed security training courses in Chicago, IL. Our superior level of experience and long list of credentials makes all the difference when it comes to training the next generation of confident armed security personnel. Since 1985, we have trained more than 100,000 professional security guards using the best industry practices.

The Security Training Center™ offers one of the top training facilities in the state, and our armed security training courses are designed to help students reach their full potential. Classes include an Illinois concealed carry class and a shotgun and rifle class, as well as a job assistance program, security re-certification courses, and other services to assist those seeking certification and their employers.

For our students convenience we offer:

In addition to offering armed security training courses in Chicago, IL, Security Training Center™ can also provide Services Monday through Wednesday  2:30 pm- 4:30 pm.  NO Exceptions

  • PERC Assistance  –   FEE $25.00
  • FOID Processing   –  FEE $25.00
  • Concealed Carry License-Renewal/Registration – FEE $25.00
  • On-site Fingerprinting –   FEE $65.00
  • Replacement Certificate – FEE $35.00

NEW Illinois Concealed Carry Class. Click here for information! Questions? We’d love to see you. Call 773-445-4413 or stop in!