Protect You and Your Loved Ones by Taking Firearm Training Courses

Man practicing firearms target shooting

There are certain things you shouldn’t do without some training and guidance first… like handling firearms. Firearms have the power to injure or kill people. Therefore, firearm safety is crucial. You should take firearm training courses in order to be totally familiar with, and comfortable with, using firearms. If and when you have no experience… Read more »

Don’t Wait: Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Today

Young woman with concealed handgun

Concealed carry is the practice of carrying a weapon such as a handgun in public in a concealed manner. It can be on one’s person or in close proximity. Most people want to do this as a means of self-defense. Typically, a permit must be obtained in order to do so. What are some reasons… Read more »

How Taking Security Training Courses Can Lengthen Your Law Enforcement Career

Holstered handgun in the belt of an officer

Taking security training courses can improve your chances of having a long career in law enforcement. Whether you decide to become a security guard or a law enforcement officer, training courses help broaden your knowledge and can help you become the expert you want to be. What are some things you can do to prepare… Read more »

Improve Your Career Outlook By Becoming a Certified Armed Security Guard

man in suit pulling his gun out of the holster

Are you currently an unarmed security guard? Why should you become certified to become an armed guard? If there’s a pecking order among guards, armed guards are above unarmed guards because they have more training and they can carry a weapon on their person. That gives them more power, authority, and prestige. In general, most… Read more »

How to Select the Right Security Training Course

Exterior image of Security Training Center

Are you thinking about becoming a security officer? Are you already a security professional but want to take more training courses to boost your resume? Either way, it’s good to learn new things about your job. Security officers have many duties, and technology is always changing so it’s good to know the latest information and… Read more »

Reasons to Take a Handcuffing Class

Security Officer Using Handcuffs

If you’re a security officer, you should know about the proper use of restraint/control devices such as handcuffs, batons and pepper spray. These devices can help protect an officer from harm as well as protect the officer’s company from civil action. Do you just automatically know how to use handcuffs? No. You need some training… Read more »

Looking for a Second Job? Consider a Career in Security

Security Professional in Uniform

Security Training Center of Chicago can help you train to become a security officer or guard. If you’re looking for a “second job” to supplement your income, becoming a security officer or guard is a great way to make money while also making the world a better, safer place.  Why take on a “second job”… Read more »

The Importance of Taking Refresher Courses

Security Officer Training

In the world of security, things change. Therefore, it makes sense to take refresher courses to stay “current.”  Over time, it’s easy to forget things. Our brains take in a lot of information. Some of it we use daily, while other facts and ideas get put “in the back of the brain,” rarely thought of,… Read more »

Who Should Take a Taser Training Class?

Taser Training Classes

A Taser is an electroshock weapon. Tasers fire two small barbed darts at a person in order to disrupt their voluntary control of muscles– causing neuromuscular incapacitation. The barbed darts puncture a person’s skin and remain attached. They travel 180 feet per second and their range extends from 15 to 35 feet. Police officers use… Read more »

Why Employers Want Highly Trained Security Guards

man pointing handgun at target

Why would an employer want to hire highly trained security guards? Guards are usually very public– they’re seen by everybody. Their purpose is to make people feel safe and comfortable. Obviously, an employer wants professional, highly trained security guards representing their business or organization– putting their “best foot forward.” What kind of guards are highly… Read more »