Keep These Things in Mind When Choosing a Firearms Instructor

man learning how to shoot a pistol at a firearms training center

If you’re going to own and use firearms, then you should have some sort of training; What are some tips for choosing a firearms instructor? First, you’ll want to work with someone who is qualified to teach you all about firearms, including safety lessons and more. This means you should be looking for instructors who… Read more »

Common Misconceptions Regarding Security Guards

Security guard on duty

What are some common falsehoods about professional security guards? First, there’s the idea that all security guards are armed with guns or other weapons. That’s false. Some have the training and certification (and legal ability) to carry guns or other weapons, and they’re known as armed guards. Others don’t, and they’re unarmed guards. Just because… Read more »

What Makes a Good Security Training Instructor?

Security Training Instructor in Classroom

If you’re going to learn something, then you want a good trainer or instructor, right? This is true for many things, including working out at the gym, learning a skill or trade, as well as training to become a security officer. What makes a good training instructor? First and foremost, a good instructor knows their… Read more »

How to Become an Exceptional Security Guard

Training for Security Guards

What makes a great security guard? Well, first consider what makes a terrible one… If the guard isn’t punctual and doesn’t show up on time, or at all, for their shift, then that’s bad, right? If the guard dresses sloppily, how are they going to garner respect? What if they’re saying all sorts of sexist… Read more »

Use of Force Training For Security Guards

Security Guard Making Stop Gesture In Front Of Gate

Security guards learn about the use of force stages which are guidelines as to how much force may be used against a resisting subject in a given situation. There are different stages. It starts with a security guard being at the scene, whereas there’s a visual presence of authority that helps keep people safe. Next… Read more »

The Responsibilities of Registered Gun Owners

A woman at a shooting range with gun and target

If you’re going to be a gun owner, you should be a responsible one. What does that mean? A responsible gun owner takes courses on gun handling and safety so they know details about how to properly and safely deal with firearms. After all, guns have the power to injure or kill people– they shouldn’t… Read more »

Why Employers Want Certified Security Professionals

Male security guard talking by telephone in surveillance room

You could hire your burly brother to stand outside your business and look tough and official and pretend to be your professional security guard. But without any training or certifications, if there was a major problem, would he know how to professionally handle the situation? Probably not. That’s why it’s so important to hire certified… Read more »

Protect You and Your Loved Ones by Taking Firearm Training Courses

Man practicing firearms target shooting

There are certain things you shouldn’t do without some training and guidance first… like handling firearms. Firearms have the power to injure or kill people. Therefore, firearm safety is crucial. You should take firearm training courses in order to be totally familiar with, and comfortable with, using firearms. If and when you have no experience… Read more »

Don’t Wait: Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Today

Young woman with concealed handgun

Concealed carry is the practice of carrying a weapon such as a handgun in public in a concealed manner. It can be on one’s person or in close proximity. Most people want to do this as a means of self-defense. Typically, a permit must be obtained in order to do so. What are some reasons… Read more »

How Taking Security Training Courses Can Lengthen Your Law Enforcement Career

Holstered handgun in the belt of an officer

Taking security training courses can improve your chances of having a long career in law enforcement. Whether you decide to become a security guard or a law enforcement officer, training courses help broaden your knowledge and can help you become the expert you want to be. What are some things you can do to prepare… Read more »