Security Training Classes

Professional Security Training Classes in Illinois

As a professional security officer, you should consistently be working to improve your skills and to learn more about your field. Not only does this help you stay safe on the job (and to keep others safe), but it also helps to make you more marketable to prospective employers.

Security Training Center™ offers a diverse selection of professional security training classes in Illinois, designed to help security personnel continue their education. This includes a 20-hour unarmed certification course and 40-hour armed certification course, as well as an 8-hour state required refresher course and 4-hour use of force and arrest procedures course.

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Emergency Response Training

Useful Class Information

  • Semi-automatic class in conjunction with the revolver class. Also available in an “Upgrade Class”
  • Semi-Automatic class taken during 20-hour armed class will give you both revolver and semi-automatic certification. The fee is $85.00.
  • Upgrade Class (adding semi-automatic to existing revolver certification) takes place every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. The cost is $85.00.
  • Shotgun/Rifle, Taser, OC Spray/Handcuffing & Expandible Baton certification classes are also available.

You can learn as part of a larger group in many of our professional security training classes or elect to work one-on-one with a specialized trainer during a concealed carry class.  By choosing the right courses for your particular goals, you can dramatically improve your skills and increase your chances of landing a better job in the future.

If you would like to attend one of the security training classes you see here, register online or contact Security Training Center™ at (773) 445-4413 today.