40 HOUR STATE UNARMED & ARMED CERTIFICATION CLASS with Range Simulator Shooting to Improve your Accuracy

(21 years or older)
Fee: $175
includes range fees, ammunition, and firearm rental.

Class Dates & Times

Monday thru Friday: 9 am-5 pm (please arrive @ 8:30 am w/ photo ID on any Monday to register) or you might be interested in getting the below package which includes everything you might need..


 The Ultimate Officer Package= $389 for January and until 04/31/ 2020

  • 40 Hour State Certification $175
  • CCL Class wither revolver or semi-auto, or both $130
  • Handcuff / Baton / OC –5 student minimum- $85  (Requires attending a Saturday morning class 9 am-1 pm)
  • Simulator Training – Shoot or don’t Shoot Scenarios plus sight Alignment shooting / Certificate upon completion  $40

Total Price is $430.00, special is $389, save $41.00,

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